Virtual Data Room(VDR) for Real Estate Transactions

A high-end VDR for real estate transactions ensures that your data is protected from external and internal threats. Make sure the provider offers data security features such as rogue protection, network firewalls, virus protection, data encryption, etc.

The Best Alternative for Making the Real Estate Transactions

Often, real estate ads say “alternative,” “direct deal,” or, for example, “free sale.” These are the names of the types of transactions that are used in the real estate market. In short, direct or free deals are simple deals, while alternative deals are complex deals with several participants and different real estate. However, it is highly recommended for professionals to use a virtual data room for real estate transactions.

Data rooms are locations used for lodging data, usually healing or privileged. Protection of information from leakage through the visual-optical channel is a set of measures that exclude or reduce the possibility of confidential information leaving the controlled area due to the spread of light energy. The group of technical means of the virtual data room combines hardware and software, as well as:

  • backup and remote storage of the most important data arrays in a computer system – on a regular basis;
  • duplication and redundancy of all network subsystems that are important for data safety;
  • creation of an opportunity to redistribute network resources in cases of malfunction of individual elements;
  • ensuring the ability to use backup power supply systems.

A virtual data room for real estate transactions is a solution that satisfies most of the security requirements of organizations and solves a number of key problems. The scope of this solution is quite wide, ranging from small companies (organization of one or two channels for the transfer of documents by external partners) to large commercial or government structures (organization of the exchange of large files both within the organization itself between employees and with external partners).

How to Avoid the Data Leaks in the Field of the Real Estate Transactions?

Data leaks in the field of real estate occur not only due to the actions of external or internal intruders. Their cause is often the transfer of documents to external counterparties through private accounts of public cloud platforms. Even sending by email can be insecure as the information goes to the public network, and the company loses control over it.

The main advantages you get with the virtual data room for real estate are:

  1. The deal can be done quickly. Ideally, such property is absolutely ready for sale to the extent that all tenants have already checked out. So, you can fit the whole process of registration in just a week or two.
  2. You can issue a standard deposit, thereby securing the agreement, and calmly prepare for the deal. In complex transactions, this will not work out; then we will tell you in detail why and what to do about it.
  3. Security of management interfaces: Many organizations implement measures to protect storage infrastructure and data from unauthorized access but forget security management systems. Accordingly, an attacker can grant himself the necessary access rights or extend existing privileges to access data.
  4. Certification of the system on its own and providing the necessary information in the form of a declaration.
  5. Voluntary certification of a company providing services in the field of information security and obtaining a certificate.
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